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Memberships for the New York Chapter 

Use the links below for membership applications for the New York Chapter ONLY

All Smoking Shields Memberships Require Approval

Please make sure to include your Agency, Rank & Status in the comments to ensure a complete application.

If application is not approved, any payments will be refunded in full.

If you are applying for Associate membership, you must provide the name of the Board Member that authorized your membership.

Members enjoy exclusive benefits and access to members only events and discounts.

Please contact a representative for your respective state for membership payments.

If you are not Law Enforcement or Military, you MUST be sponsored by a Regular member. Associate membership links have been removed. If you are a civilian and wish to join, please come to HQ with your sponsoring member and see a Board member to join.
We will be glad to have you!

New Member ONLY
Regular Membership
$60 per year
Full Headquarters Access
$30 Monthly
If you are already a member or were previously and you wish to renew or pay your dues, please click the button below to email the treasurer for your invoice.
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